"Serendipitously, my recent work links with the history of the spaces that I inhabit most in my daily life - two former cotton spinning mills. Here, knitting yarns were made by twisting two or more strands together in what is known in textiles as 'the doubling process'. To celebrate this, the symbols used within this letterform make reference to the material and this process as well as the diagrams I draw to plan woven wool sculptures."

About the designer, Marie Jones

Marie Jones, also known as KOCHI KOCHI, is a multi-disciplinary graphic artist with over 10 years' experience in the creative industry. Marie has an MFA in Graphic Design & Art Direction from Manchester Metropolitan University (2015) where she challenged the conventional ways of archiving a loved one's possessions once they have passed away. More recently, Marie has been exploring typography through textiles from her studio at Islington Mill in Salford. Here, her work plays with various forms from combining computer generated visuals with more traditional and tactile mediums such as needlework, weaving and machine knitting.

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  • Limited edition of 26
  • Screen print, 420 x 594mm, unframed
  • Ink: White + Blue Stickers
  • Paper: CenturaNeon Red, Slater Harrison
  • Printed by Dan Mather Screenprint
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