"I didn't need to go far in searching for a space that felt appropriate for this brief. It's a space defined by recent events in my life, rather than an actual physical place. Headspace! The Letterspace project found me at the break point of two life chapters, leaving a third of my life spent in the UK and moving abroad again. This time, my destination, once part of my native country, represented a big leap. I was leaving behind my recently renovated house, a decent job with good colleagues in the graphics industry and probably the best, definitely the most intense third of my life in order to reunite with my newly expanded close family. This transition occupied my outer as well as inner space for several months. It required focused vision accompanied with a determined mind. I started a new job in the new country one day after I arrived. On my first journey to work I came across some concrete pillars with a brand name impressed on them. I was really happy to see some typography where the simplicity of the letterforms so suited the longevity and texture of the material. The type was a form of futuristic stonemasonry, presented in a modernist manner. With the Letterspace brief in mind, I knew that I had been inspired. I've been absorbing new and old, surprising and forgotten type of all forms from day one whilst working on my concrete vision. I have reunited with family, celebrated the first birthday of my twins, enjoyed sleepless nights and was with my children when they started talking and walking. I feel victorious. For this project, I put together a whole set of (almost) monospace display letters inspired by concrete, coupled with a grid and a few simple restrictions. Here is the 'V' - the most difficult one to get right. The balance of the letterform didn't agree with the underlying 8x8 grid-I still have something to go back to and think about…"

About the designer, Radomir Mikulas

Radomir Mikulas graduated from Stockport Art School in 2012 and now lives and works in Slovakia. He is a keen collector of letters, seeking out curious, discarded forms wherever he goes. Over the past few years, he has gifted several found 'B's to Letterspace founder and curator, Lucy Biggs, one of which she wears daily on her staff lanyard at Manchester School of Art.

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  • Limited edition of 26
  • Screen print, 420 x 594mm, unframed
  • Ink: Pantone Cool Grey
  • Paper: EduCraft Poster Paper Black, Slater Harrison
  • Printed by Dan Mather Screenprint
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